Together with supporting young women and girls with specific problems in their lives, Mekong Livelihoods also aims to contribute to changing the shared efforts of the whole community in educating, orienting, and supporting the children and all around them in new and positive ways.

Specifically, when looking at the trend of young girls flocking to migrate abroad, can see a large part of the factors that contributed to their decision come from family, community, in the society, and local conditions, while very little by themselves or by the pursuit of personal happiness. Consequently, advocacy work is needed to fill this through joint efforts to develop the socio-economic systems, promote the role of families and communities, and improve social equity.

We will use our educational program as a valuable opportunity to advocate the importance of educational to school-aged girls, and to develop young women's readiness and competencies for social challenges. We will also nurture a network of partnerships with donor agencies and related organizations to advance our impact and goals. As a result, local and state governments can listen to and focus on practical issues and find appropriate solutions for them.