We are in the process of securing partnerships with the People's Committee Office and Vi Thang High School in Vi Thang District, Hau Giang Province in order to deliver our educational curricula and support programs on personal development, career and economic readiness, and social awareness targeted at high school girls (ages 16-18) and young women (under 30). 

We won't just be there to provide "lessons" where participants acquire vague knowledge, but want to create a bonded community dedicated to women, where all participants can share and seek help from each other and from our team and supporters.

Participants will be encouraged and guided to explore different life paths that fit with their personal goals, expectations, skills, financial ability, and backgrounds. For example, high school students will be offered assistance in selecting majors if they want to enter college, or choose the appropriate vocational training if they want to find a job after high school.

The program will also provide useful information sessions about basic legal knowledge, self-defense knowledge and skills, and language classes suitable for future Vietnamese brides preparing for migration. 

Partnering with local organizations, we will also connect participants with appropriate educational, vocational training, and employment opportunities, as well as legal marriage counseling and other services.